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Growing up in the south an having my choice of foods that I thought were healthy was very misleading and it caused me to become a type two diabetic and that was a life-changing experience from being a healthy person one day to a full blown out of control diabetic, it was amazing how my athletic body changed from a normal 185 pounds to 365 pounds overnight.

I thought life was good but, I had to make some major changes in my life to be able to conquer this disease and I started a food and sugar dump and removed all processed foods out of my lifestyle, with those changes, I was able to got off all my diabetic medications and I lost the extra weight and my energy returned. The main ingredient to my weight loss was a plant-based diet.

Featured Video – Obesity Has A Cure

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How To Beat It Erectile Dysfunction ED with Nutrients and Nutrition

I this short video Dr. Chef Timothy Moore discuss how Erectile Dysfunction has become and epidemic and with so much misguided information about why you can’t reverse or cure ED.

Diabetes and Foot Care The Cure

In this short video Dr. Chef Timothy talks about the importance of taking care of you most prized possessions your feet!

Plant-Based Protein Drink with Chef Timothy Moore I Live I

This is live streaming with the chef with his vegan plant-pased protein drink with Chef Timothy Moore.

The Chef Sample’s Beyond Meat I Live I

In this video Chef Timothy was ask his option the product beyond meat and he decided to test it live on his show and it not real meat but plant-protein

Chef Timothy’s Cooking Show LIVE

How To Eat Healthy and Regain tour life. If you want to be apart of this cooking show sent your name and email to and receive your recipe to cook along with the chef.

Chef Timothy’s Mondays Answers on Type 2 Diabetes

The Diabetes Expert Chef Dr. Timothy more answers a clients question about reversing diabetes as he does on Mondays.

5 Ways To Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

The 3 Steps To Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes the most important factor you need to have to reverse Type 2 diabetes is commitment.

The Secret To Cooking The Best Quinoa

The secret to cooking the best Quinoa perfectly for you depend almost entirely on your tastes and normal diet. Keep in mind one of the key things that sets Quinoa apart is it’s flexibility and adaptability.

This Life Is Yours – What’s Your Purpose

This Life Is Yours – What’s Your Purpose the multi-billionaire, the champion athlete, the pioneering doctor or the great leader – all of them are driven by a single force: purpose.

What is High Blood Sugar Symptoms? Diabetes Controlled

What Is High Blood Sugar Symptoms is hyperglycemia and also called high glucose. The only way to know of sure if you have high blood sugar is to get a test done, so if you notice any high blood sugar symptoms just get it checked.

The Myth About Diabetes And Sugar

The Myth About Diabetes And Sugar There are millions of people suffering from diabetes in the United States, and if you are one of these people, it means you have the improper amount of sugar in your blood.

Women With Diabetic Symptoms

Women with Diabetic Symptoms, Diabetes in women seem to have become very common these days. There are different kinds of symptoms of diabetes in women.