• Thank you for these lovely shakes Chef Tim, these are just so nice and the kids love them. It is so nice to have something that they actually think is a treat, but is great for them, a parents dream. I have followed you for years and love your mantra, would love to see more cooking videos though 🙂

    Daff. C
  • Wow, Timothy, you have really done it this time. I have tried plenty of shakes in my time, and these are delicious. I purchased to two pack, my favorite is by far the vanilla, it goes so nicely with other fruit that I mix in with it. I just purchased another two and this will keep me busy for a while, again thanks Chef Tim.

    Peter R
  • I loved this book, I read it in a short period and can’t wait to try the recipes they appear to be fairly simple and explained well….

    via Amazon
  • I bought this book for my Type one diabetic sister and she loved it!!!!! No, she is not a vegan, but as a vegan myself I’m always looking for ways to introduce animal-free foods to my friends and family.

    via Amazon