Are you sick and tired of?

  • Worrying about all the long-term diabetes complications
  • Being held prisoner by your diabetes
  • Being fed up with daily insulin injections and finger pricks
  • Facing an 80% risk of dying from heart disease or stroke
  • Being afraid or guilty to have a wholesome dinner with your family and friends
  • Being concerned with not being able to lose weight, which the medicine seems to put on, and keep on
  • Being overwhelmed by the daily care and vigilance the disease requires…
    Dealing with the “side-effects” of your medications

These books will teach you how to reverse diabetes naturally, how to properly exercise and sustain proper nutrition.

47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes

47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes

Are you tired of doctors who don’t take enough time to figure out what is wrong? Are you tired of medicines that cause more problems than they solve? Are you tired of being labeled something that you are not? Busy and stressed? Most self-help books teach lifestyle changes after disease strikes. Most wellness books are “how to” guides for your body or theoretical books about the mind or spirit.

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Vegans Eat What!?

Vegans Eat What!?

This cookbook details how using a plant based diet can enhance a diabetic s health. Diabetes is not a death sentence as it once was. Diabetes can be reversed, giving positive direction for anyone wanting to eat better. This cookbook is an excellent source and contains more than 100 scrumptious diabetic friendly recipes, resulting in superb tasting food.

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  • I loved this book, I read it in a short period and can’t wait to try the recipes they appear to be fairly simple and explained well….

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  • I bought this book for my Type one diabetic sister and she loved it!!!!! No, she is not a vegan, but as a vegan myself I’m always looking for ways to introduce animal-free foods to my friends and family.

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  • Surprisingly the recipes are good

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  • Though I don’t suffer from diabetes, I still try to stay informed about reversing or slowing down this disease. I know many people that do suffer from this disease and you can bet that this will be a recommended resource! It was very informative and eye-opening. I didn’t know that nuts were a no-no if you suffer from this diabetes. Good job!!

    Kevin Horne
    via Amazon
  • Wonderful book!!!! Checked out a friends and now I am ordering my own!!! It’s a have to have it book I will get his other one as well later on.

    via Amazon
  • Love it and is very helpful to those with this disease.

  • Excellent book, very informative.

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  • Dr. Moore does a great job of breaking down the most common questions people have about protecting their family against Ebola. I really believe that this outbreak is truly misunderstood and this book does a great job at answering some of the questions I really wanted to know. If you are concerned about Ebola or just not sure what to think or do then I recommend you grab this book.

    Jason P Jordan
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Dr. Timothy Moore speaks all over the country on: Diabetes It’s Not Your Mother’s Disease; The next epidemic is here will you be prepared; Vegans Eat What??? There’s more to vegan life that tofu, the next food revolution is here: Close The Door and Write Your Book and Everyone has a book in them, what’s stopping you from getting yours out.

Dr. Timothy Moore an Diabetes Expert teaches reversing diabetes, holistic nutrition, functional endocrinology, nutrition consulting, diet and meal planning.

Timothy K. Moore Ph.D. has published 8 books an is a Four Times Amazon #1 Best Selling author an a internationally recognized author and Diabetes expert in reversing this disease.

Naturally reversing diabetes seems impossible when it’s affecting 300 million people in the world today and resulting in the death of one person every ten seconds.

Dr. Timothy K. Moore is a plant-based chef who is a certified raw an vegan expert in diabetes and the facilitation of wellness and nutrition.

Chef Dr. Moore is a sought-after professional seminar speaker and the author of eight published books including Amazon # 1 best seller ‘’47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes’’ “Vegans eat What?!, 10 Days To A Healthier You, 21 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle.