Liftoff: an 1.5-hours Coaching Intensive




Chef Timothy Moore is based on your health history and is tailored especially for you and your needs. The consultation can help you in several ways:

 This program is for you, if you: • If you have symptoms you are concerned about, but aren’t certain which type of diet or program would be best. • We help you decide if nutritional supplementation is beneficial. • If you have general health questions. • Do you wonder about what research alternative studies say about a particular health concern you have and how to use alternative method’s. • New to alternative therapy and just don’t know where to start in building your health again? An initial phone consult involves in-depth discussion of your current health concerns, health history, diet, exercise, stress, lifestyle, and anything else you think might be impacting your health.
Health Questionnaire’s are used and can be e-mailed or faxed. You are welcome to send copies of blood work and other lab work done by other practitioners, as well as a record of your diet and symptoms. Recommendations will be given, in the areas of herbal medicine, dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, exercise, and stress management. The price of the remedy is not included.
 We offer phone consultations on Tuesday and Friday 1pm-6pm EST by appointment only. Payment will be taken before the consultation begins. Master Card or VISA only. (Can be used as a debit card). Once payment is received a calendar will be sent to schedule your appointment.


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