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Growing up in the south an having my choice of foods that I thought were healthy was very misleading and it caused me to become a type two diabetic and that was a life-changing experience from being a healthy person one day to a full blown out of control diabetic, it was amazing how my athletic body changed from a normal 185 pounds to 365 pounds overnight.

I thought life was good but, I had to make some major changes in my life to be able to conquer this disease and I started a food and sugar dump and removed all processed foods out of my lifestyle, with those changes, I was able to got off all my diabetic medications and I lost the extra weight and my energy returned. The main ingredient to my weight loss was a plant-based diet.

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The Keynote Speaker

Dr. Timothy Moore speaks all over the country on: Diabetes It’s Not Your Mother’s Disease; The next epidemic is here will you be prepared; Vegans Eat What??? There’s more to vegan life that tofu, the next food revolution is here: Close The Door and Write Your Book and Everyone has a book in them, what’s stopping you from getting yours out.

The Doctor

Dr. Timothy Moore an Diabetes Expert teaches reversing diabetes, holistic nutrition, functional endocrinology, nutrition consulting, diet and meal planning.

The Author

Timothy K. Moore Ph.D. has published 8 books an is a Four Times Amazon #1 Best Selling author an a internationally recognized author and Diabetes expert in reversing this disease.

The Health Counselor

Naturally reversing diabetes seems impossible when it’s affecting 300 million people in the world today and resulting in the death of one person every ten seconds.

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Chef Dr. Moore is a sought-after professional seminar speaker and the author of eight published books including Amazon # 1 best seller ‘’47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes’’ “Vegans eat What?!, 10 Days To A Healthier You, 21 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle. He also writes several a weekly column on health and nutrition.

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