How Are Diabetes Coaching Sessions Conducted?

Individual sessions are conducted in person or via telephone. Coaching clients also have the option to attend any monthly workshops.

  • Two (2) 1-hour Strategy Sessions to identify your challenges and health goals. The first session is held at the beginning of your program, and the second is held after your 6th session to determine your next steps.
  • Five (5) 1-hour Diabetes Coaching Sessions (via telephone). A limited number of clients attend sessions in person.
  • The Diabetes coaching & consulting including the Diabetes Coaching Workbook, recipes, shopping lists and other practical tools to provide you with everything you need to make meaningful lifestyle changes.
  • Daily Journal and Weekly Goal Setting Guidelines
  • On-going email support with Diabetes Coaching

Optional participation in monthly workshops. For participants able to attend workshops with the guidance of your health coach, you will learn how to:

  • Set goals and change sabotaging behaviors
  • Achieve your ideal weight without dieting
  • Stay motivated for the long term
  • Control your blood sugar levels with Diabetes Coaching
  • Select and prepare foods for optimum health
  • Improve conditions associated with insulin resistance
  • Understand and manage your cravings
  • Develop an ongoing exercise routine that fits your lifestyle
  • Experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality
  • Diabetes Coaching

If you are ready to learn more about our Total Transformation Diabetes Coaching Program, the first step is to contact us to request an initial Breakthrough Health Consultation.

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Author Timothy K. Moore Ph.D

Timothy K. Moore Ph.D. has published 8 books an is a Four Times Amazon #1 Best Selling author an a internationally recognized author and Diabetes expert in reversing this disease, he work with Biofeedback, Nutritional, Emotional, stress and vibrant living. He has a mission to empower people to take better control of their health as a diabetes expert educator. Dr.Moore has counseled thousands of individuals wishing to develop healthier habits and live healthier lives. He acts as their nutritionist and diabetes expert, coach, and strategist. Dr.Moore understands their everyday struggles and has the solutions to help them be successful.

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47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes

47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes

Are you tired of doctors who don’t take enough time to figure out what is wrong? Are you tired of medicines that cause more problems than they solve? Are you tired of being labeled something that you are not? Busy and stressed? Most self-help books teach lifestyle changes after disease strikes. Most wellness books are “how to” guides for your body or theoretical books about the mind or spirit.

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Vegans Eat What!?

Vegans Eat What!?

This cookbook details how using a plant based diet can enhance a diabetic s health. Diabetes is not a death sentence as it once was. Diabetes can be reversed, giving positive direction for anyone wanting to eat better. This cookbook is an excellent source and contains more than 100 scrumptious diabetic friendly recipes, resulting in superb tasting food.

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Book Testimonials

I loved this book, I read it in a short period and can’t wait to try the recipes they appear to be fairly simple and explained well….

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I bought this book for my Type one diabetic sister and she loved it!!!!! No, she is not a vegan, but as a vegan myself I’m always looking for ways to introduce animal-free foods to my friends and family.

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Surprisingly the recipes are good

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