Ten simple steps to lower your A1C 2 to 5 points.

What is diabetes?

The two main forms of diabetes are designated as type1 and type 2 diabetes. They are different and effect you in two separate ways. However type 1 and type 2 diabetes are both characterized by metabolic abnormalities that include high levels of sugars in the bloodstream.

What do I eat now that I have diabetes?

This is where the fun begins, as we must take on a new lifestyle of habits ranging from eating to stress management. The journey to change begins in your mind and heart; but it ultimately has to be your decision. When you look at your food choices over the last several years of your life you will see that processed food was often the food of choice. Now you must be willing to change to a plant-based diet. This lifestyle change has been proven over the test of time and will continue to be the singular most important factor in improving your developing health.

Can Type 2 diabetes be cured?

Yes, but it depends who you ask. Medical education is strongly influenced by the drug industry. Doctors in medical school do not learn how to cure diseases, but rather how to manage each disease with expensive pharmaceutical drugs. If you stand back and notice the changes in your body after taking any medication for a period of time every new symptom that develops seems to be tied to a deficiency of that drug. You must continue and sometimes even increase the dosage to keep these new symptoms at bay. However, it has been noted that when it comes to foregoing the medication and simply changing your eating habits – what heals the diabetic also reverses other diseases.

What if my doctor says I need medicine to control my a1c levels?

Why do you need medications? You must ask this question to your doctor to get the real answer to the issue at hand. The fact is that none of the diabetes drugs have anything to do with the cause or the cure of diabetes. The truth is drugs poison your enzyme system to make standard Laboratory blood sugar levels appear normal – but they may actually double your risk of dying.

Do I really need to count carbs?

No. On a plant based diet carbohydrates do not become an issue. When eating plant based meals you are eating only from the earth and not ingesting processed foods like bread, pastas, flour, chips, cookies or other man made products that contain dangerously high levels of carbs that may convert to sugars within your body.

Can eating a healthy diet really help me control my diabetes?

It has been proven that a plant based diet can help control or actually eliminate type 2 diabetes. In fact, when eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, beans and some grains the body is able to heal itself from many different diseases, illnesses and sickness.

How long do I have to take diabetes medication?

I’m asked this question everyday and my answer is always the same; “Why are you taking it anyway!” Did you ask your doctor the real reason why and if so do you understand the answer. When you understand the why you’ll know the answer is that a lot of people don’t need diabetic medication to control their type 2 diabetes. For some, it could be as easy as just losing 10 pounds. Remember drugs don’t repair your body chemistry they just lower a laboratory number.

What is the difference between plant-based and vegan?

There is not a difference between the two as they both enjoy an animal free lifestyle. Simply put – if it has a mother or a face they don’t eat it.

What caused my type 2 diabetes?

This can be tricky as with type two diabetes the most common cause is a lifestyle of processed foods and emotional issues derived from family, career, environment, and relationships.

If my sugar levels go up in spite of a good diet, do I need diabetes medications?

No. If your sugar is out of control you are very likely deficient in the nutrients that regulate the sugars in your body. This may effect how insulin is produced and how sugars are processed in your body or how your naturally occurring insulin inserts itself into the cell membrane receptor. Determining and balancing the deficient nutrients through nutrition or natural supplements will restore your body’s capacity to regulate itself.

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